Sites That Make Freelancing Easier

When I was approached by my first client, I knew that I had to find ways to become as organized and prepared as possible. I didn’t want to just wing it because it’ll start me off on a bad note. I knew of a few sites that would help me but I did some research to find out what worked best and would make my life easier. Right now I have 3 sites that I use to keep all my shit together.


Asana allows you to create projects and to-do lists to keep you organized. There are a lot of sites like these that do similar stuff like Trello but I decided on Asana. I like their interface better because it’s very easy to use and has a clean feel to it. They have an app too so throughout the day I can open it to add to-dos or update current things as done. It’s really helped me prioritize tasks and look ahead. I also made a list for admin tasks like organizing my fonts and creating templates.


Most of us have heard of Dropbox before and for good reason. It gives you a second place to store all of your files to be reached anywhere. My worst fear is my laptop crashing or losing my USB and never being able to recover my files. With Dropbox, I have them backed up just in case. It can also be reached on any computer so I can work from anywhere if I like. I make sure that I keep it updated as much as possible to get in the habit.


This site has been a godsend for me. My client suggested I open a PayPal account for invoices but after reading and watching many horror stories of them holding and freezing people’s accounts without their knowledge and for months, I decided not to go that route. I knew I wanted a site that would help keep track and organize my quotes/invoices while also being able to take payments. I found a lot of potential sites but Wave is the one that sold me. It allows me to create and send quotes and invoices to clients while also taking payment. You can use PayPal if you need to but there’s also an option for clients to enter their card info. I tested it myself to be sure it was secure. When I set up my bank info they asked me questions only I’d know the answer to. I also get my money within 2 days! Wave gave me confidence by making it appear that I had my shit together because you can customize everything with your logo and text.

All three of these sites have saved me so much time and eased my stress. All of them have accompanying apps and they’re FREE. Yep, absolutely free. I don’t have the money to invest in paid subscriptions until I get a steady amount of clients so I knew I needed cost effective options.

Do you have a site that you swear by as a freelancer? Let me know!

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash