Last Beach Trip Of The Summer


If you're following me on social media, you'll know that I've been complaining about one last beach trip for a few weeks now. Our last trip was cloudy and windy so I was craving some much needed relaxation and sunlight.

About a week ago, I suggested for BB and I to make our way to VA beach with his friends during Labor Day weekend. His friends are always down for a road trip so they quickly agreed. We're about 4 hours away from the beach so BB suggested that we stay there overnight so in the morning we could lounge on the sand before returning home. His friend, Brad, knew of a nice hotel right along the boardwalk so we wouldn't have to travel far once we got there. It was amazing to wake up, go to the balcony and get a clear view of the ocean.

The night we got there, it was pretty early so we walked along the main road where all the festivities were. People were popping into souvenir shops, haunted houses, restaurants and everything else you could think of. To keep the peace, cops were everywhere (even on horses) but as far as we saw, no one got too rowdy.


On almost every light pole, we saw these signs to say "No Profanity". Since my friends and I are immature, we definitely yelled FUCK! when we saw a few. No one was fined or arrested. I'm not sure how they enforce this rule as I'm sure people either don't see the signs or just don't care. The humidity was super heavy so we eventually grabbed some food and headed back to our room for the next day.

We woke up around 7 am and when I went onto the balcony to see the ocean, I quickly realized that it was hot as hell outside. Perfect beach weather. Our checkout time was 11 am so we showered, packed and checked out for some beach time.


Whenever we go to VA beach, I have to say hello to Neptune (or Poseidon if you're Greek). He's our main landmark so if I were to ever get lost I'd hang out with him until we reunited. 

It was so hot out that it was almost uncomfortable to sit in the sun. We tried to rent an umbrella but they were sold out! Our only reprieve was the cool water. At first, it felt super cold but we got used to it easily. The waves were great because of the boats that were going by so it felt like we were in an amusement park wave pool. We went out as far as we could without having to tread water. If you were too close to the shore, the waves would crash and wipe you out. We saw many children get wrecked by waves. I'd be lying if I said we didn't laugh. But karma quickly got me back.

These pictures are a before and after. Is something missing? Yes. My glasses. It looks like BB's glasses are missing too but he was smart and just put them away. Me? Well... they're lost forever.

I stupidly went into the ocean with my glasses thinking I'd be fine. The next thing I know, a wave comes so I turned around so the water wouldn't slap me in the face. Instead, I felt my glasses fly off my face and into the sea. I tried to reach out for them but it was too late. For the majority of that day, I was pretty blind. I can mostly see out of BB's glasses so I stole them for short periods of time but otherwise, I needed my friends to guide me or else I would've definitely gotten lost. Thankfully I have a second pair so I just had to stick it out until we got home.

It was a really great trip and I'm glad I bugged everyone enough to go. Now I'm satisfied with my summer. It's still blazing hot in the DMV so if I need another fix I can just go to the pool. Next year I'll be sure to plan these trips further in advance so we don't have to scramble at the last minute.

How many times have you been to the beach this summer?